50th Anniversary of the Barcode

50 Years Ago, the GS1 Barcode Was Created to Transform Shopping and Empower More Reliable and Resilient Supply Chains Across the Globe

There is a reason the BBC has called the barcode “one of the 50 things that made the modern economy”. Since its creation, this humble— yet powerful— symbol now appears on over one billion products, and the sound of the “beep” is instantly recognizable around the world.

The barcode was born in 1973 when industry leaders came together to transform the way we shop. From that point forward, a simple scan at the checkout connected a physical product to its unique digital identity—and this information could be shared in stores and throughout the supply chain.

The very first scan of the barcode happened the next year when a pack of Juicy Fruit gum was scanned at a Marsh Supermarket in Troy, Ohio. Since then, GS1 standards have been enabling more reliable supply chains across the globe.

To mark this milestone, GS1 Member Organizations (MOs) around the world are joining together for a global campaign celebrating the barcode.

As a Member Organization of GS1, GS1 Georgia is proud to be part of this celebration. And we have much to celebrate! 

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